Lukas is the Founder and CEO of ThernLoven. With a background in Sales and Developing, his dream was to put together a group of talented people and create the leading company within the software development industry. He founded ThernLoven in 2020 in Sweden, with ambition of becoming global.

By 2023 ThernLoven is now global, with clients in every continent.

Lukas Thern Lovén

CEO & Founder

Felicitas is the COO of ThernLoven. She has a long background in Marketing and Administration - working with large companies from the United States. Her skills proven there has shown great results with us.

Her role at ThernLoven started off as Social Media Manager but grew quickly into a more leadership role and is currently taking ThernLoven to new heights.

Felicitas San Pedro

Chief Operating Officer

Lucas is currently the Head of Sales. He has a proven sales record that is shown every day. With a different and unique approach he reaches clients that we never thought possible.

Lucas started as Account Manager at ThernLoven and he quickly grew into the role as Head of Sales.

Lucas Reynal

Head of Sales